Provide information about Sofort (& any other alternate payment methods) & PayPal Smart Button

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After re-installing our PayPal gateway, a new "Pay with Sofort" option appeared underneath the "Pay with PayPal" Express orange button on our store's payment page. It took some time to discover that Sofort is an alternate payment method used in Europe in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands & Spain. Via Sofort the payment is made from the customer's bank account & then to your store's Paypal account. The Sofort option is automatically made available via Paypal's Smart Button if Paypal decides your store has sufficient customers in those countries. We have not received a payment via Sofort yet so cannot comment on that area, Please make other shop owners aware of the possibility of the new Sofort payment method (& any other alternate payment methods) suddenly appearing on their stores & provide further information about Sofort.

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Comments: 0