Ebay import tool to sync with Ebay store inventory + more import options

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This would be very helpful if all your products on EKM are imported from an Ebay shop and they are still for sale on Ebay. Rather than having to update manually the stock on EKM each time a product is sold on Ebay or a listing is updated, again for large inventories in the thousands it would be more time effective for Ebay and EKM to update automatically the stock - EKM to grab all the active listings automatically from Ebay and add them to EKM. This is how Ebay integration works with Bonanza. At the moment the Ebay Import tool doesn't have many options to customise when importing and I am saying again about large inventories... when you import from Ebay you can only see the products from Ebay by title in the import tool, an option for photos as well would be useful.

Under consideration Features Integrations Suggested by: Sorina Lupsa Upvoted: 03 Mar, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0