Product Variants or Groups - Make all variants product feed compatible if price differs

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At the moment product variations with different prices to the default, don't output on the feed.

This is limiting the marketing of those variations and displaying them on separate pages would harm usability and upselling opportunities.

Even with unique URLs per variant, the page loads the default parent product and price first then js triggers the updated image/price/variant which is bad practice and causes price matching errors.

Many platforms handle these as product groups - with a dropdown the same as variants that is actually a URL jump to the applicable product. This would also allow for different descriptions should they be needed.

If EKM could please find a solution for this, so I can maximise our marketing potential and spend more on PPC should I wish to.

Under consideration GoogleTools Suggested by: Derek Upvoted: 04 Aug Comments: 8

Comments: 8

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