A new, better discount management system

The old system is outdated, difficult to use and needs a lot of manual input to get the discounts people need.

We need a better discount management system that can automatically offer x for y discounts, by simply adding a product to it and overall price, rather than reducing the price by this much, automatically generated discount codes, being able to use discounts multiple times i.e if they trigger a 3 for x amount, and buy 6, the discount will trigger twice.

I used EposNow till system in my store and it's so much easier to set up discounts, literally takes minutes, I'd be happy to show someone that to give you guys an idea. But the old discount management system is rubbish, and leaves us lagging behind offering better discounts that others can offer on the likes of Shopify, etc.

Under consideration Suggested by: Sean Kierans Upvoted: 14 Dec, '22 Comments: 0

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