Sagepay Tokens

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Please can we look at getting Sagepay Tokens. The Token System is a simple and secure way of keeping card details without actually storing them. You can process transactions as and when required, without compromising on card security or your level of PCI DSS. Available with Sage Pay Go and Server or Direct integration, it allows you to conveniently convert your customer’s card information, stored on our secure servers, into a token or "alias". This gives you the flexibility to process the transaction at a later time and can make the payment process much easier for your customers.

This innovative payment method allows you to register a transaction and hold onto the token until you are ready to submit it for authorisation or until the card’s expiry date. Because you’re able to use a token multiple times, you can process several transactions without asking for the shopper’s card information each time. Increases Loyalty.

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Comments: 0