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Hi All,
Due to a fraudulent purchase using WorldPay I am currently only using Paypal as a Payment Gateway. I have had a few phone calls from customers saying they do not have a Paypal account and therefore could not purchase on my site.
They were unaware that they could purchase as just a "guest" of Paypal using their credit /debit card.
It's easy to see why this may be the case and there is a simple design fix that would make it a lot clearer.
In fact it is already being used, just a little further on through the payment process.
Here's how:
On the CART PAGE the only logo is the yellow "checkout with PayPal" button - so buyers who don't have paypal abandon at this stage (or call me!).
However..........On the Order Summary page (see below) it is much clearer that you can use your debit / credit cards as the card logos are included within the paypal button - see below.
Is it possible to have the same button on the Cart Page please - it also makes it a lot more uniform.

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Comments: 0