Restrict Payments Methods - to specific Delivery Methods

eg to stop a "Click and Collect" payment method being selected by Order from another country.

The delivery method presently can be limited by postcode/radius but the
The payment method presently can NOT be limited by postcode/radius

Would Help as:
Prevents accidental selection of in correct Payment Method
Prevents harassment order requests.

Presently a order can select any platform Payment Globally available for a products irrespective of customer location, even though they may not be show a "Click and Collect" delivery method on check out. So they can choose to pay "Click and Collect" .... even if they have not been shown that method,

This causes errors and also allows or possibly nefarious activities.

Whist an option can be to add postcode/radius to the payment method, it may case conflict if not set at same setting . Easier to connect and make the payment method "related" to deliver methods, so only applicable would show depending on what delivery method selected.

Under consideration Payments Suggested by: Doug Upvoted: 12 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

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