Allow customers (or us) to arrange products by stock status

Instead of only being able to hide out of stock products or manually arrange the order products are displayed in, could we have an option to automatically sort products using stock status please, so that out of stock products are shown to customers at the bottom of the page and in stock products at the top on category pages?(Understandably this may overrule the product arrangements people have manually set within their categories but it would save time for some of us that might want to show stocked items first in their product lists).
Even if there could just be a filter the customer could use such as a tick box to 'Only Show In-Stock' items, that would be helpful.

When shops have a lot of items in each category, (particularly using a theme like Marble with Quickview where you don't know the stock status until you hover over the item on desktop) it makes browsing more effort than necessary for customers if they're only looking for products that are currently in stock.
Many thanks! :)

Under consideration Categories Theme Suggested by: Sam Upvoted: 10 Mar, '21 Comments: 0

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