When Creating A New Product - Have The Ability To 'Save Draft' & 'Preview'

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When creating a new product the only options we have at the moment are 'Save & Close' & 'Save'.

It would be really useful to be able to 'Save for later' or Save draft', plus a 'Preview' option so that we can check how our products look before publishing them.

Being able to save items for future publication means that when we have spare moments, we can add a few products save them for later with a 'go live' date on them. I know we have the 'Hidden' feature, but by doing it this way, it would be automatic & we wouldn't have to check for items we want to publish.

This would help by drip feeding products to our Google & Bing feeds creating fresh content.

Not planned New Functionality Products Suggested by: Lynne Upvoted: 10 Jun, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2