Pinterest Verified Merchant Status

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Please could we have an integration built which allows the Pinterest tag in Google Tag Manager to read and recognise the products within the product feed? This would allow for using the tag for page view events, which is essential for gaining Pinterest Verified Merchant Status.
Done manually, this requires an extensive amount of code within the Header field (as a row is required for each Product and Product Variant), regular manual updating and javascript within Google Tag Manager to work. Far from easy to do, this is something Pinterest have created that can only really be installed and configured by developers and those with an extensive coding background - the manual process is far from simple for the average person, and the nature of the whole procedure is too complex to be able to be formulated into a Support Guide. An integration would make this functionality accessible to all.

Under consideration Integrations Suggested by: Eve Bolan Upvoted: 16 Oct Comments: 1

Comments: 1