DANGEROUS REFUND BUTTON to have 2nd stage confirmation

EKM has a very dangerous button. The REFUND BUTTON will lose you all of your income on one, accidental click. Yes, if you accidentally touch that button there is no second stage, no 2nd chance, no confirmation page before refunding - it sends the money back without asking. An inadvertent click will fully refund a buyer, immediately, even if you have sent out goods to that buyer. Mouse over refund button? Costly cliff edge for your funds! Even on Paypal you get 2 or 3 stages before agreeing to refund. On EKM not. 1 wrong click can lose you £1000s. So, why wouldn't EKM introduce a safety fence, to protect their clients? I don't know. I asked. It's not planned nor foreseen. I think EKM ought to change the outlook for this, before more clients lose money

Done Orders Suggested by: Carl Wilkes Upvoted: 08 Apr, '21 Comments: 0

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