Commodity Code / Country of Origin - Visibiity

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Below Assumes a CC and COO have been listed as Attributes on Products.
3. CC and COO visibility (pre-sale)
Issue: How can end customer find details if may be charged in advance, has to look at Attributes
Ideal: An (optional) “Warning message” pops up on checkout (to EU customers) , when a customer selects Item(s) in basket that has a COO that is not “UK” that may be subject to Duties. This would be “optional” as it may put off some customers

4. CC and COO visibility (post-sale)
Issue: CC and COO not displayed on invoice and may be required for paperwork
Suggestion Ideal: Have ability of showing selected " Attributes" in product line of invoice
Interim Workaround:
(a) Edit the Product Title ( post sales) and include CC and COO data… clunky option
(b) Copy and paste the info from Product (Custom) Attributes into the “Order Notes”. Then using Print Select “Order Notes” in the pop up window using radio buttons. Note caution assums notes not used for other things!

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Comments: 0