EU VAT changes

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The specifics for VAT settings with the EU going forward from the 1st of July is that any business sending anything to the EU will need to register for VAT in one EU Country. We are registering in Ireland (possibly the Netherlands).

All businesses will need to collect VAT on EU sales that are under €150 (£130). All sales over that figure do not accrue VAT and are collected from the customer by the Customs department of the receiving Country.

We will need a system that triggers VAT on all EU Country sales under £130, everything else can be VAT free. This will be true for any business in the UK that wants to sell anything to any EU based consumer so I am surprised you have not sorted software for this already. There is just under 7 weeks to go so it is pretty urgent...

Planned Settings Suggested by: Jim Barnes Upvoted: 03 Feb Comments: 12

Comments: 12