Advanced inventory feature, Attribute adding

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I've started using the advanced inventory feature to fine tune some of our catagories (our products can be classed as from the same group but have differences etc) and what I would find really helpful is if you had the ability to add a custom attribute to products that you tick the box next to. For example we sell lighting and I am looking at our bathroom flush ceiling lights category which is populated with lights that are either circular or square. If there was a feature of the advanced inventory manager where you could 'create attribute', give it a name (such as 'shape' with custom options like circular, square) and then tick boxes next to each relevant product within that category and it apply it to them, then it would really help refine our products, allowing customers to view only the shape they are interested in (once the filter is applied within the shop). It would be quicker and easier. Doing it visually in the advanced inventory manager is a lot easie than by spreadsheets

Under consideration Features Suggested by: Dave Upvoted: 06 Dec, '23 Comments: 9

Comments: 9