Abandoned Cart Email Random Code generator

We'd like to include some kind of discount code on the automatic abandoned cart emails, to offer like free delivery or 10% of whatever on the one day and two day emails, however it would be better if there was a random generated code created automatically by the feature. What we don't want is some clever bugger figuring out that a simple code like "FreeDelivery1" can be used anytime, and just keep getting free delivery on every order after that without ever abandoning the cart. Or someone taking the code and sharing it around telling others you can get free this or discounted that because it's the same code every time. It's too much faff to do single use codes with loads of different codes to use, when an automatic random generated code would be better.

Would also be good if there was a way to offer a certain percentage depending on order value, so 5% for orders up to £100, 10% over £200 etc.

Under consideration Suggested by: Sean @ Scentish Upvoted: 07 Jun, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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