Referral Rewards

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Using the Loyalty Point feature set up and run a referral scheme in the shop to reward customers for referring new customers to your website/shop.

Provide each registered customer with a unique link (URL) which they can give to their friends, family etc.. The link will send anyone who uses it to your shop's home page. Then it places a cookie on their website and track any purchases they make. When a user that has visited the link makes a purchase you can reward the customer that gave them the link with reward points (which they can later redeem for a cash discount on your website). Make it so that you can set the system to reward the new customer you've acquired with a cash discount. You get to decide how many times the link can be used.

I've seen this working on other shops it makes sense and is always simple to use . No need to create a zillion discount codes this way and there's no need to keep records of who refers new customers.

Under consideration Discounts Suggested by: Mary Matthews Upvoted: 24 May Comments: 17

Comments: 17