Flash Sale Tool

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A functionality that allows the creation of a flash sale with the following features:
1. The ability to reduce prices site/category wide by a percentage;
2. The option to choose whether the original price is displayed on the Product page besides the new flash sale price;
3. The option to add sale promo stickers or similar visual indicator to these products;
4. The option to set a start and end date on the flash sale - once the date has expired, all of the content returns to the former state.

The goal is to make setting up a flash sale take roughly two minutes, without having to amend the RRP field and apply promo stickers via Import/Export and set up a timed discount within the Discount Management feature, which is how the same offer would be set up currently.

Under consideration Discounts Suggested by: Eve Bolan Upvoted: 02 Jun Comments: 18

Comments: 18